Pro Mini HoopTM

Pro-grade Backboard and Break-Away Steel Rim

The Original
Pro Mini Hoop!

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The original over the door mini hoop that started it all. Been around for over 10 years, and still number 1.

  • 18" x 12" Backboard
  • 9" Rim

Bigger. Badder. Funner.

People say, "Hey XL, how you livin'?"
And I just say, "C'mon!... You know I'm livin' LARGE!"

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  • 23" x 16" Backboard
  • 9.5" Rim

Pro Mini HoopTM System

Adjustable height, mobile base, all day dunks

Bring it!

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Think you're ready to step up your game?
Think you're ready to take on your friends - or your pops - and posterize them?

Well this is the time! THIS is the place. And THIS is the system that'll get you perfecting your dunks, hitting Js, and shooting treys... Might even kiss the glass on a few.

But Remember, it's all in good SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop fun. Don't go taking anyone's head off here. This here's just a friendly game, for the driveway, the basement, backyard, or poolside.
Ya heard?

Pro Mini HoopTM Elite

Go pro portability with wall mount and synthetic leather ball.

Oh yeah. It's the BIG time baby.

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Oh Yeah, it's the big time, baby!
This hoop comes with a wall mount, which means it can be mounted anywhere you want to play. Sure, it goes over the door, but...why hang it on a door when you can mount it on a wall, mount it in a hall, and slam it with a ball--a real-feel, synthetic leather ball.

Pro Mini HoopTM Balls

Other Parts and Accessories

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